Monday, October 26, 2009

Our Daily Routine

Here is an example of what our schedule looks like. Each day is similar, but there are some differences. Tuesday we go to a play group instead of home blessing hour, Thursday we go to the library, etc. Don't look at this and think we follow the exact schedule every day. It might seem restricting, but it is your schedule. You can change it whenever and however you want!! But I have found that having a written plan that includes keeping the house clean, taking care of myself, feeding my family, and keeping Reina occupied has made our lives much more fulfilling. I'm due in a month to have our second baby, so at that point I'm sure most of this will go to pot for a while and then I will have to re-plan everything to fit the baby into our routine.

Some of the terms in this schedule come from Home blessing hour, the morning and evening routines, and zones are part of her system for keeping a clean and organized home. I may post in more detail about flylady later, but for now, I recommend you check it out!

Monday Schedule

Reina Liz

6:30 wake up, exercise,

morning routine

8:00 wake up, dress, breakfast breakfast

9:00 structured play outside laundry

9:30 roomtime 15 min. zone/15 min. declutter

10:00 structured time with mom

10:30 free time fold and put away laundry

11:00 “help” mommy home blessing hour

12:00 high chair with books, lunch, prepare lunch, eat, cleanup,

Stories with mom read to Reina

1:00 Nap time scriptures, free time

4:00 video time prepare dinner

5:00 Dinner Dinner, cleanup

5:30 free time, family time couch time, family time

(family home evening)

6:00 free time free time

8:15 bedtime routine

8:30 in bed evening routine

10:00 in bed

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